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    Where can i get real affordable SEO services for a new website. I was doing research some say to expect SEO results within months and others like SEO Elite says it is possible to see results as in little as 28 days. Some SEO firms uses cheap tricks and charge BIG dollars and others use real SEO techniques and charge less but maybe these guys do not own companies. What price should i expect to pay for a SEO website ? I am not a webpage programmer, I dont even know html after i get the SEO webpage can i use SEO Elite myself to maintain the webpage ? Please any suggestions on SEO firms or programmers is greatly appreciated. I want the number (1) ranking on Yahoo, Google and MSN for my specific keywords. I know you guys here are pretty hardcore you guys know who is doing the real deal .


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    The SEO companies with whom I've worked/talked in the past run campaigns have generally run in the $200-1500/mo. range, depending on client expectations and how much work needs to be done on an ongoing basis (often defined by the industry).

    If you're pricing out quick-fix SEO, a one-time engagement to get your site optimized, you'll see some results, maybe, but the chances that you'll even come close to achieving what you're expecting are extremely remote. Professional SEO is a professional service. Expect to pay professional prices
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    I have several people that I always refer SEO seekers too. These are folks I know personally or have met and I can vouch for their skill and expertise:

    1. - Jim Boykin and Todd (Stundubl)
    2. Morgan Carey -
    3. Dr. Garcia -
    4. Donna Dontenot -
    5. Alan K'Necht -

    Best of luck!
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