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    Game Server company, clients + server.


    I am looking to sell off my west coast server operations for my game server company. About 9 months ago I decided to get a dedicated server on the west coast due to client demand, turns out the west market wasn't so good for me. I prefer to stick to my central servers.

    Server specs:

    dual xeon 3.06 HT
    2gb ddr ecc
    2x 80gb eide
    fedora core2
    1000gb premium bandwidth

    server location is Sacramento, Ca.

    Monthly rental for server $179 (yes this price is really low, I got this low of a deal because I purchased the server as a demo, with intentions of buying alot more, that didn't happen, but the low price is still good, and will remain good).

    Clients : 2

    #1 client, counter-strike source server / 32 player $120/month has been with me for 7 months, and I don't think he's going anywhere.

    #2 client counter-strike source server / 14 player $35 per month

    Total residual monthly income : $155
    Server costs : $179

    so as you can see, my reasoning to sell is quite clear, you can take the server and clients, or just the clients. Would be a good opportunity for anyone wanting to start or expand a company in the west area that has time for marketing and etc.

    This server is a beast and with these 2 clients you can easily fit $350+ a month worth of clients....... currently the load avg is very very low, so many clients can be put on this box........

    Accepting offers

    [email protected]

    Thank you

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    which datacenter is this bought from ?

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    What game software is on the box? how do the user pay?

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    Server is located at Herakles in sacramento, game is counter-strike just listed above, and clients pay via paypal.

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