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    Lightbulb Useing custom template?

    Do you think useing a custom template will help drive in customers?

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    This has been discussed many times and opinions vary. I would just focus on providing a professional site that is easy to navigate. No dead links, no under construction pages, etc.

    Provide great service and be kind to your clients and that will be what people discuss about your site and not whether you have a stock or custom template on your web site.

    Just make sure that if you use a stock template, that it is licensed to be redistributed. Also make sure you don't rip designs and content, as those have a tendency to be sniffed out very quickly.

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    I assume by your sig that you are talking about custom templates for a forum.

    IMO, if it is a new web concept, the site style essentially becomes irrelevant. People want to post regardless. If you are rehashing an existing idea, people are more sceptical, and a new outlook on an existing idea helps in promotion. : Web Hosting Is What We Do!

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