Our new UK servers are now live and ready for you

All prices are + VAT unless you are registered for VAT

All servers come with 5 Usable IP's

Celeron 2.0Ghz 512Mb Ram 80GB IDE 300GB Transfer (Doubled to 600GB) - SOLD OUT - Can take pre-orders for more

Pentium 4 2.8Ghz 1GB Ram 1x160GB IDE 500Gb Transfer (Doubled to 1000Gb) - 80/mo

AMD Sempron 3000+ 1GB Ram 1x160GB IDE 600Gb Transfer (Doubled to 1200Gb) - 80/mo

AMD Athlon 64 1GB Ram 1x160GB 800Gb Transfer (Doubled to 1600Gb) - 95/mo

Dual Opteron 242 2Gb RAM 2x160GB HDD 1000Gb Transfer (Doubled to 2000Gb) - 150/mo

For C-Panel add 15/mo to the price

IF you have any questions please PM me or email [email protected]