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    PR4 High Traffic Site - 85000+ uniques is offering a few advertising spots.

    Site Info
    - about 5000 visits a day
    - 10-20 signups a day (currently 1,801)
    - 150-300 new images a day (currently 18,860)
    - traffic increasing every day
    - Stats (from July 1st to the 30th - Sorry about the 9th...the server was being worked on)
    - site has a PR of 4

    Ad Position Info
    - Ad is placed next to logo
    - Ad will be in rotation with one or two other banners
    - Ad is displayed on all main pages, and users photo album pages
    - Advertiser gets secure account to view stats and a phone number to contact if needed

    Pricing Info
    - $25 for one month

    Contact Info
    - Email: [email protected]
    - PM me
    - AIM: ScottHinrics

    NOTE: 2 Footer positions also avaiable for $7/mo!
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    I'd like to see proof of stats . That image isn't working.

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    Correct, this error comes up
    "It seems that /userfiles/dcfc1/stats_07-30-05.jpg does not exist on our server! "

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    Sorry about that. The image wasn't the correct name. The link is working now.
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