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    Accessing our dedicated server through command line

    We have a Dedicated server. Apache, Red Hat Fedora Core 2 OS. One of our web guys will only use command line for controlling mySQL databases on a website. He's not a PHPMyAdmin fan.

    Anyways, how do we do this? I know how to access the server through Putty SSH. What next?



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    If your web guy knows command line, he should know how to access everything

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    Yeah, if hes not a PHPMyAdmin fan and specifically asked to use SSH then he should know exaclty what he is doing. I would be really cautious if your tech asks to use SSH but doesnt know how to use it...

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    Well, in the past with hosting that we have purchased through other companies, they have given him access to his websites through the command line on his computer, not Putty SSH. So, I'm basically wondering if I can set him up the same way. And what do I need to do to do that.

    All he does is access his website and control the mysql databases on his websites with it. Could anyone at least point me in the right direction or give me some websites that would show us how to do this stuff? We are new to the whole running our own server thing. So far people on the forums have been the most helpful.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    Like the others have said, if he knows how to work with MySQL from the command line then he should pretty much know how to move around the box in a ssh session.

    You need to find out exactly what he wants, a telnet or ssh session? Is he familiar with Linux or Windows?

    The basic command for connection to the MySQL database:
    mysql -h localhost -u yourusername -pYourPassword (No Space after the -p)

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    Putty SSH is command line. Its telnet/ssh into the dedicated server. But anyways, if someone was to write a post for your tech on using Putty SSH it would be very long, and chances are someone already has written such a thing. Therefore we Google. First result was the developers site to Putty SSH and 1 more click and you get the user manual.
    By the time that you wrote your first post you could have been reading the user manual already. It took 7 keystrokes and 2 clicks....

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    Heh, thanks, I appreciate it.


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    No problem KomatsuKid, dont mean to sound rude, Just people post so many questions and stuff that have already been answered countless questions and are just to lazy to use the search tool or google, although I do admit I am guilty of doing the same thing sometimes, but I do my best to research myself lol good luck with the dedicated server and SSH and if anything else comes up post but google it first

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    Honestly I did Google first. But sometimes when your just learning something you dont know exactly what to look for and then everything else is soo techinical that its hard to understand. Or they explain one step of the problem but they assumed that you know how to get up to that point.

    Thanks again,


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