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Thread: VPS Software

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    VPS Software

    Anybody know of any good VPS software? I am wanting to play around with VPS technology and looking for some sugestions.
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    uml, freeps, vmware. all free.
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  3. free vmware? Hmmmmmm
    Hook me up with one as long as its legal.

    Check out Virtuozzo, Robert.
    If you dont want to spend money on it, check out Xen.
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    We use Free VPS via H-Sphere and are very happy with it. Here are the features:

    Virtual servers have their own root accounts and root directories in sub-directories of the main server, which gives:

    • ability to install and run its own application software
    • ability to manage own config files
    • ability to configure/modify root application software
    • ability to delete, add, modify any file, including files in the root server
    • full control over all files and processes on the virtual server

    Full-Featured System Administration as of a Physical Server

    Like physical servers, virtual servers have:

    • multiple users and groups
    • own user and group quota
    • own crontab
    • own chkconfig settings

    Complete Independence

    Virtual private servers are completely isolated from each other and and from their main physical server. Each VPS has:

    • complete isolation of virtual server processes, even from the root server
    • independence from underlying hardware: virtual servers can be easily moved to another physical server

    Own Network Configuration

    Each VPS has its own network settings including:

    • own private localhost network interface
    • virtual ethernet devices configuration
    • multiple IP addresses added without downtime
    • IPs assigned to own virtual network adapters
    • own hostname
    • own domain name
    • own routing tables
    • ability to configure own DNS servers

    Master Admin Management

    Our VPS Admin Panel offers tools for VPS management by master admin, including:

    • administrative tools to start/stop/suspend/resume virtual server
    • ability of assign IP addresses
    • installation of virtual ethernet devices
    • tools to allow/deny new process creation
    • tools to term/kill signaling for all virtual server processes
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    1,838 is what ive been using

    -you need to patch a kernel
    -install the rpm tools
    -use the vserver command to build one

    oh and i almost forgot you need to config thing like an ip to it

    vsersver are a lot more complicated but thats my skimmy on it

    best of luck
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    Thanks for all your reply's. I am going to play around with some of these options.
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    Virtuozzo is Great!. Test it

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    Another vote for xen here

    *edit* 24 hours without sleep = typos
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