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    Post UK Web Hosting Company for sale

    A 3 years old UK based Web Hosting and Domain Registration company is available for sale (only have been provided hosting for the last 18 months). Please note that the entire company (web site, billing software, $6.95 enom account, domains etc) is up for sale and not just the clients. We want to sell the whole lot as a package and do not intend to break it up so please do not ask!

    Revenue Data:
    - Six Monthly Revenue (January - June): 10,857.09
    - Annual Revenue Forecast: 23,000 - 25,000
    - Over 800 Registered Users

    - 1463 Domains Registered
    - Registered with Enom and Nominet
    - Average Monthly Domain Income: 699.01
    - Average Annual Domain Income: 8,388.17

    Hosting Income Client Break Down:
    - 346 Paying Hosting Accounts (no free accounts at all)
    - Monthly Accounts: [7](108.94 pm)
    - Quarterly Accounts: [10](215.90 pq)
    - SemiAnnual Accounts: [20](492.76 psa)
    - Annual Accounts: [309](6452.94 pa)
    - Hosting Income(monthly): (800.78 pm)

    Income from Other Packages (SSL etc):
    - Annual Accounts: [7](374.94)

    Server Details:
    We run two managed dedicated servers located in US, both with double HDD (second HDD is used for local nightly backups). The server details are as follows:

    Server 1:
    - 1 x Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz Processor with 512 KB Cache
    - 2 x 80GB HDD
    - Linux RedHat 9 OS with WHM/cPanel
    - Live HDD: Available Memory 69G / Current Memory Used 7.8G / Available Memory 58G
    - Backup HDD: Available Memory 64G / Current Memory Used 17G / Available Memory 45G
    - Bandwidth Usage per month: Available BW 1000G / Average BW Used 50G
    - 25 IPs (6 are free)
    - *Contains 298 accounts (16 suspended, 6 resellers)

    - 2 x Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz Processor with 1024 KB Cache
    - 2 x 120GB HDD
    - Linux RedHat 9 OS with WHM/cPanel
    - Live HDD: Available Memory 109G / Current Memory Used 8G / Available Memory 96G
    - Backup HDD: Available Memory 111G / Current Memory Used 6G / Available Memory 99G
    - Bandwidth Usage per month: Available BW 1200G / Average BW Used 20G
    - 10 IPs (2 are free)
    - *Contains 179 accounts (1 suspended, 4 resellers)

    Monthly Cost of both Servers: $425 (240)
    Annual Cost of both Servers: $5,100 (2,900)

    Extra Stats for 2005:
    Month / New Domains
    January / 136
    February / 173
    March / 134
    April / 104
    May / 131
    June / 82
    July / 188

    Month / Hosting Signups
    January / 26
    February / 38
    March / 24
    April / 28
    May / 27
    June / 18
    July / 28

    Rate of renewal failure/cancellation is approximately 10%.

    The billing software used is AWBS.

    The website included in this package has a very catchy short, memorable name and well branded. It is also listed on all major search engines and receives a respectable number of visitors per day. This will be a great asset to purchaser and please bear this in mind when making your offer. Stats will be posted shortly.

    Please e-mail your offer to [email protected]. If you require further information, again please e-mail [email protected] and an NDA will be sent to you which you will need to sign and return to us. Please note that we do value our customers and will only sell to an experienced person(s) who can take good care of our clients. We therefore appreciate it if you could include a few lines about your current hosting business activity and your web site URL.

    * Please note that the value includes the number of hosting accounts setup by resellers

    **PLEASE NOTE: only offers around the Six Monthly Revenue will be considered.**

    PLEASE DO NOT PM or reply to this thread only e-mail [email protected].

    Kind regards
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    108.94 GBP = 192.435 USD (according to

    so, as the servers cost $425 per month, you seem to be losing money monthly on the surface. Could you give us some more information such as which months the yearly clients renew in etc? This would help a lot of us decide whether this is a worth investment. Owner: Providing Security, Administration and Optimization since 2001

    Now Offering Windows Serivces.

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    It looks to me like they are making a healthy profit on those servers:

    - Hosting Income(monthly): (800.78 pm) = 1,417.48 USD

    You do need to discount annual paid accounts, but not by so much as to say that those servers are losing money. Plus it appears that he has enough annual accounts that one would be renewing nearly every day, so if that is true it would stabilize the cash flow.


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    wilbur ,washington

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    hi bandari, if you send me more info. i'd be interested, pm if still for sale

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    Looks like this is gone TOO

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    Yep, it is sold. Mods please feel free to close the topic.

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