So, I went with mavweb ( ), because I was looking for a low end server with tons of bandwidth.

So two months later:

Support: A- The live chat works well, and someone is there 24/7 as far as I have seen. Support is only by email, no helpdesk, kayako or something like that, which is fine. Support has been quick for me every time.

Network: A+ Good, I have not had any major problems from the providers, only from the hurricane So the power was on and off for a day or so, but other than that no huge lag spikes, or any problems like that.

Server Ordering B: There was an issue with the OS that was installed on my server, they put an unsupported version of centos on there, but was fixed the same day.

Billing: A No major or minor billing issues, done by paypal, three months in advance, no hiccups yet.

I would recommend mavweb if you need an unmetered server cheap.