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    Incoperating your hosting company

    Is it a good idea to have your web hosting company Incorporated? is it really needed? Whats your views on the subject?

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    Is it really needed? No. Is it a good idea? That is really up to your individual needs and business plan. Many small companies run just fine as sole proprietorships.

    There are several type of business types that you register you business as. Each has it own pros/cons and level of work required to establish.

    Here is a link that outlines some good information:

    It seems that you are in the UK, and I am not knowledgeable about the business structures there, but the links above should give you a good idea of your options.

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    setting up a corporation

    There's also:

    Keep in mind that incorporating doesn't necessarily protect individual members from liability. There's the legal doctrine of "piercing the corporate veil". Incidentally, "Vicarious liability" is about to stop existing for car rental companies sued because of misdeeds of their temporary clientele. But I digress...

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    Hi, LEEnoble

    I belive incorporating gives a business lots of advantages like, Taxes,small business loans, protection etc .. But first start out with sole proprietorships then if needed, Incorporate . If you are in the U.S go to your local SBA office they can help you out with even starting your business with a litle grant money or to grow.

    Also remeber it is a good idea if it is right for you ! and it is much cheaper if you go to your local office to incorporate.

    Good Luck!
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    Re: Incoperating your hosting company

    Originally posted by LEEnoble
    Is it a good idea to have your web hosting company Incorporated? is it really needed? Whats your views on the subject?
    Considering your website address is a UK address, it's hard to give you specifics. If you were in the US, I'd suggest getting an LLC but I don't know about the UK...

    Personally, I feel registering your business more than just a DBA is well worth the price. It proves that you are a legit business and not a fly by night - take your money and run type of deal. It also provides you better legal protection.

    Just my 2 cents.

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