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    OpenBluHost 10-month review

    It's that time again to decide whether to renew for another year or to give another shared host a try. The host is based in Fort Luaderdale, with their basic package "Super Plan" for $7.95/mo.

    I signed up with them after several failed attempts to locate reliable hosting with both large diskspace (2GB+) and Java Tomcat. Ten months ago, they were the only ones found offering that much diskspace along with Java for the price of a fully-featured shared hosting account. It's a great bargain today still, even though other hosts now offer similar features. Some pluses (+) and minuses (-) have been:

    • hard to find all-in-one-package: Java with 2GB diskspace and 95GB/mo.
    • quick, error-free signup with a check-for-real-dude phone call
    • shared Tomcat JVM has been problem-free since day one with JSP and servlets
    • feature-rich: PHP, Perl, SSH, mysql, Ensim CP, stats, free addon domains, lots more
    • flawless uptime, account has been down once in ten months for a few minutes
    • fast servers running RedHat with few shared accounts on them
    • knowledgeable support, usually responds quickly

    • realtime bandwidth often peaks at only 100KB/sec., but is better most of the time
    • crontab can only be edited via SSH, changes require admin aproval (sucks)
    • interesting VPS-like environment contains many linux system directories
    • expired certificate when logging into CP since day one
    • fairly restricted access: Java apps cannot freely access disk files, no writing files from PHP, many directories are unwriteable by account owner, many common linux commands not available (top, free, uptime, etc.)

    Lastly, recent trends haven't been very encouraging: some emails going answered, software versions for Tomcat, and PHP have not been updated since signup and are falling behind. Their message board isn't very popular, but at least they have one. Their basic account was very attractive ten months ago, but many hosts have caught up now by offering the same or better. I'm itching for a move, if nothing improves soon. I've always wondered how well they'd make it through a nasty hurricane too.

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    Hi, bigwrench

    Nice review

    Good Luck !

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    Nice review. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the detailed review! Good read.

    Sounds like your host wants to work with you. I wouldn't jump ship right away. Give them the chance to step up to the plate for you.

    Good luck and let us know how you make out!
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