I will need a custom quote for an Upload System that is powered by MySQL with the following features.

Main Page (Index)
- The index page has a nice clean and eye appealing interface.
- There will be a section for announcements, and a site introduction type thing. (For reference: http://www.thefilehut.com)

User registration
- Requires activation via email
- Requires all basic fields such as Name, Username, Password, Confirm Password, Email, Birthday, and such forth.

Log out/log in page
- There will be a confirmation page that sticks around and shows several google advertisements, they must click and “Continue” button to continue.
- They will have an option to “Remember me”.
- Each time a user logins, they will have their IP logged.
- Password reset function.
- All passwords are to be encrypted in md5.

User Control Panel
- Ability to modify information such as Name, Password, Email, and so forth.
- Ability to uncheck receive important announcements from site administrators.
- Ability to delete themselves, once deleted all user files are deleted, however the account is not deleted, just no one can access it.

User File Manager
- Can delete, rename, move files, make folders, delete folders.
- Ability to make galleries out of folders.
- Set folders as private or public (Users can browse through the folder or not)
- Retrieve URL’s specially formatted (BBCode, HTML Code, Direct Link, and Thumbnail Linking).
- Ability to upload files.
- Information center in which they are told general information, such as space left, upload limits, allowed/non-allowed extensions, and so forth.
- Each file displays how much space it is allocating, and the upload date.
- Ability to limit the viewing of x files per page.

- Ability to list users (Set x per page)
- Ability to view all user settings and edit them (Including “specially” allowed file extensions/un-allowed)
- Ability to delete, rename, and move files and folders. (For each and every user)
- Setting pages, where we can tweak global settings.
- Mass Email System, users that opt out of the system will not be emailed.
- Ability to change admin password.
- The ability to view apache status.
- Load balancing system - Automated server cycling system, all uploads will go to the server with the least space usage. For example: (Server 1 = ser1.domain.com; Server 2 = ser2.domain.com). (Open for suggestions)
- Statistic pages, showing current amount of users, files, space (in use), and bandwidth (in use).
- Can manage users, view users current suspended, and so forth.
- Ability to search through members, wildcards are allowed.
- IP Search System, we will be able to look for a user’s IP in the database. We also have an option to clear out all logged IPs.
- IP Banning System, we will be able to ban IPs from accessing any files on the network, let alone access the site.
- Ability to view all users that have ever gone over the bandwidth limits, including how many times.
- Ability to post/edit/delete announcements.
- Ability to view reported images (Abuse Reports) and delete them, we will also have the option to suspend the offending user.
- Once a user is suspended, no files may be accessed.

Bandwidth Control System
- Each account will have a set amount of bandwidth per day; if they go over the account is suspended for an x period of time.
- All files that are attempting to be accessed in that time will be redirect to an “Exceeded Bandwidth” page. If it a image, the image will be replaced with an custom image.
- After going over the bandwidth limits an x amount of times in a month, the account will be automatically deleted.

Please email your quotes to [email protected] or PM me.

Thank you,
Dennis Liang