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Thread: a new forum?

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    a new forum?

    WebHostingTalk has good forums however I believe they're missing one IMO.

    Search Engines

    All of us who discuss here at WHT are webmasters, right? What are one of the primary topic webmasters discuss? Search engine optimization!

    What do you guys think
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    Web Design and Content
    Subjects include, HTML, graphics, editors, CSS, Flash, graphics creation, Search Engine Optimization, placing of ads, and nearly anything else design related. Also talk about businesses that provide design services.
    Subforums: Web Design and Content Tutorials

    You mean like that subforum?
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    I think SEO should be a sub-forum as well. Good idea.
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    There's not enough SEO discussion on WHT to warrent it IMHO.
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    Whilst I do have a homepage or three, which makes me a webmaster I personally couldn't care less about search engines.

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