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    Dedicated server needed for popular blog

    I am looking for a dedicated server for a relatively popular set of blogs. I am presently running them from DedicatedNow and though they have served me well, their prices for higher end servers are outside my budget. I frequently run into extremely high processor/memory utilization and need to switch as soon as possible. I am willing to trade permanent ads on my blog.

    I can and will manage the server myself but would require a 2.4+ GHz processor, at least a Gig of RAM, at least 500 Gigs of transfer, at least a 60 Gig drive and a control panel of some sort (CPanel, Plesk etc) for 20+ domains. A good/fast/dependable network and 24 hours tech support (for reboots) are also a necessity. This server will not be used for reselling and will only host my websites.

    I have looked at 1&1's 2.4 GHz P4 for $99 setup and $89 PM but the initial setup fee is quite high. I have also looked at and their 2.4GHz server but they do not offer any control panel at their $89 price. I lean towards dedicatedplace because I have heard lots of good things about them but the $89 + $17 (for Plesk) is a little too high.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Are there any server resellers/providers who would be worth considering/requesting?

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    If you want to manage it yourself;

    Is the best self-managed one out there. There are many resellers of layered tech that make you pay more and add on their own services such as management, support etc. Layered Tech will help you in emergencies but other than that...your on your own

    You may be asking a little much though for your price in terms of RAM + control panel.

    Almost all servers come with 1024 GB transfer (A Terabyte) so thats no worries.
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    They host all our servers without a hickup.
    The best dedicated server provider around. well in my opinion.

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    Check out these two


    Good luck in your search!
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