imgdrop.com is offering a 468x60 banner rotation in the header of all of our site's pages (including member area), and in the header and footer of our user's gallery pages (example below).

For this month, we received 1145 unique visitors, and 14294 pages served. Approximately 9,892 banner views were served in the past month- some being served up by adsense, and some for our own contest for users, which has now ended.

These statistics are not from any non-standard month. We do not have any advertising currently that will be discontinued next month, so banner views will only increase. We are also releasing an exclusive piece of software that will allow our site to be one of the leaders in the industry. This release will occur within two weeks, and is expected to drive a large quantity of visitors to our site.

Awstats Statistics - Gallery Example : http://www.imgdrop.com/gallery.php?u=codyw&g=Statistics

Your banner will be in rotation for one month with just 3 other banners. Because we are transitioning from Adsense, we will be installing phpAdsNew so that all users can track their banner statistics. Also due to our AdSense transition, we will be asking all interested parties to send an email to [email protected] with the following in it, before we request payment:

Site Address
Banner Attachment
Contact Information

Once we receive at least 3 interested parties, we will send you an email requesting payment, and once that is received, your banner will be placed into rotation for one full month (30 days).

Thank you for reading this post, and we wish you all the best!