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    Question Modernbill / eSupport - integration but on two servers?


    I know there is no master switch to just turn off the MB helpdesk, but you can fuse eSupport instead. I don't wish to place my helpdesk and billing area on the same site as I feel there are many downsides to this.

    Is there away that the MB internal helpdesk can be disabled in full without impact on other MB features?

    Can somehow it echo the information to the helpdesk sofware database as it does with vBulletin.

    Not having a master turn-off switch and/or a external option is not good IMHO.

    Any Advice?

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    You can 'fuse' them the standard way, and just point the DB to the other server in the fused config file, or look at the provided overwrite files that go into includes/html/custom/ and make your own that just have some text saying go to for support.

    I agree that it would be nice to have a simple 'disable support desk' option in Modernbill.
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