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    Looking for Co-Location in CO, ID, MT, UT, or WY

    Since the moderators didn't like my month old thread, posted 6/29 removed 7/31, I suppose I will re-post it.

    I am looking for providers in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, or Wyoming that is able to accommodate 1 Rack and 100Mbps with room for me to grow.

    In the original thread, I was given information on Data393, Level 3, Handy Networks, and ViaWest in the Denver area. I was also given some information on facilities in other areas, but since I don't have access to the original thread, if you could please repost those.

    Timothy Sheehan

    * For the Moderators *
    I am not requesting service. I am trying to find facilities in those states that can accommodate my needs so I can do research.

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