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    Linking Computers...In Different States

    Alright, well my father approached me today to help him do some work...but I'm kind of a point where I'm not sure which direction to take it.

    Okay, so my father runs a business where he collects a bunch of medium size investments/investors, buys a bunch of real estate, collects the rent/takes care of the houses/deals with the tenants, and then pays out the profits among the investors, of course, taking a cut of the check.

    He has set it up so he only goes to the actual houses once a year since my uncle lives by them, he does all the repairs and rent collection. Heres what they are trying to do though:

    They want to have about 4 computers in total. Two at his office in my local area...and two in his office in the state far away. Since he is usually in my local area, he wants those computers to be the main computers for the business...and he wants daily backups/access to the other two computers to check up on the business (make sure all books are kept correctly, make sure people are entering the payments into the database right). Basically...daily backups...from a windows machine.

    Now, my first thought was to just convert all his systems to Linux and run a bunch of cron jobs. Then I got my bit off because my dad is...old. He simply refuses to move to anything else from Windows XP.

    Secondly, I thought to just install Apache and then he could download the files he wanted in somewhat of a file directory format. I think this is a little bit more work than he wanted, but so far, there doesnt seem to be any real problems with this.

    My last idea was to just install an FTP sever on all the computers. On Windows XP you can have an icon to FTP servers - and it opens the FTP with Internet Explorer, so that it is the same directory format as "my computer". He could navigate, do whatever he wanted, and just close the open window when he was done.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has done this or has any good ideas to help me do this thing.

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    Couldn't you just Remote Desktop in, and then perform the backups manually? I suppose you could run a batch file script that you can have a schedule task to run at X times to perform the backups. But I still believe Remote Desktoping would be the easiest way.
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    Either remote desktop or GoToMyPC, Logmein type service. The services have an advantage in that any PC connected to the internet can connect and they use encryption. PCAnywhere will do the same thing if you don't want an added monthly bill.
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    GoToMyPC is awesome, and I highly recommend it.

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