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    Looking to advertise on PR 5-6 Sites

    Pm me price and URL
    Must have some pages indexed in google.
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    just curious if it might help people if they knew what kind of websites you wanted to host on? besides the pagerank stuff and maybe posting a budget

    but its up to you man its your thread

    best of luck
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    I will not state a budget. These are PR 5-6 sites. Not 7-8 so if i have to give a budget then you're most likely overcharging.

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    I just posted our offer on WHT. Visit

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    Would you consider links on sites that are PR 3 to 4?

    Here are the plans we have available.

    Cluster 5 : WebDesgin Related ( $10/mth )
    AVAILABILITY : 2 / 4
    Section : "Interesting Sites to visit"

    Cluster 6 : Animes related ( $5/mth )
    AVAILABILITY : 16 / 20
    Section : "Our Recommended Links"

    Cluster FH : Group of Free Hosting Sites ( $5/mth )
    Main Front Page and Member SiteWide
    AVAILABILITY : 17 / 20
    Section : "Our Recommended Links"

    Let me know if you are interested.
    Bulk and Advance payments will result in a discounted value.

    I can be contacted over MSN at [email protected]
    Hope to be working with you soon.
    -=- GQ Hong -=-
    GalacNet WebMaster

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    90% of you guys so far have pmed me with PR 2-4 deals...

    PR 5-6 only! I will ignore all other requests

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    A web development portal: (PR5) - online since 2002!

    Also with the sale you get your 120x60 banner free on (PR3)! Statistics on both sites can be found on the right panel of each site.

    All for $30 per month via PayPal. PM me to get your campaign established!
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    I have links available on my PR6 subpages (check my sig for the link). You'll get a link on any articles category plus links on every article page of that category. Fair price of $25/month.

    Please PM me or use the contact form on the website

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