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    * Any good dedicated or semi-dedicated with good bandwidth and price?

    Hello Everyone,

    Wanted to see if someone can point me in the right direction.
    I'm looking for decent or better than average dedicated. I would
    also be willing to maybe get a semi-dedicated if the price is right.

    I need to find a hosting company that can at least provide me with a good amount of Gb of Bandwith and decent storage. I have lots of traffic so the more the better.

    And of course:

    * SSH shell access
    * detailed website bandwidth stats (if possible)
    * unlimited POP3 accounts
    * unlimited email forwarding
    * full CGI, Perl and script access
    * php4/MySql
    * SSI (server side includes)

    My budget sucks, so help me out with the ones that have good prices.


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    Sagonet does fairly well priced boxes at $65/mo w/ a $49 setup. There is also TS-Host, which usually has some deal going on on some cheap AthlonXP's.

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    yea i second sagonoet or layeredtech on savvis does great too
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    Thanks. I'll go check them out.

    If anyone thinks of any other ones or use any other ones, leave me a thread so I can check them out too.

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    Just ordered a package with LayeredTech. Hope it's good!

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    Get back to me if you can, and let me know how the LayeredTech package is.

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    I second layeredtech, although it would be helpful if you specify the amount of disk space and bandwidth that you need.

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    hey Dactyl,

    I need at least 300+ Gb of BW and 1+ Gb of space. The important thing is the bandwidth, that's what I actually need.

    Of course, the more the better.
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    do you have a location in mind? have you checked the special offers forum at ?
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    Yeah.. I've checked them out. I went through a lot of them. But I like referrals and/or it's really cool when the person that is selling the spots talk with me one to one.
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    << My budget sucks, so help me out with the ones that have good prices. >>

    Might help if you post what your budget actually is--as that will put your options into a better perspective here...

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