Hello Everyone,

CbtTechs is offering a 468 by 60 banner rotation in both our header and footer on CbtTechs Forums, our news, and our blog the 3 most viewed, and accessed part of our site. Not only do we take pride in what we do, but our members take pride in it just as much as we do.

From this month we have received 7012 unique visitors, and 423357 hits. Last month we received around 6,000 in total, so your banner will keep getting shown more often!


Your banner will go into rotation for a full month on our 3 main sites, both header and footer. While your banner is being shown, you have the option to track your statistics with our in-house ad software, here you can see how many adviews you have, clicks, and CTR. In one week we served 27,739 adviews in one week, with an average of 2773.9 per banner, and with a highest adview for one banner at - 4,571, your banner will be in rotation one month, not one week. We will strive to make your banner known, on our site, and get your name known! Here are our current PageRanks:

http://www.cbttechs.com/forums has PageRank 4/10.
http://www.cbttechs.com/forums/index.php has PageRank 4/10.
http://www.cbttechs.com/forums/index.php? has PageRank 2/10.
http://cbttechs.com/forums has PageRank 5/10.
http://cbttechs.com/forums/index.php has PageRank 3/10.
http://cbttechs.com/forums/index.php? has PageRank 1/10.
http://news.cbttechs.com has PageRank 4/10.
http://cbttechs.com/blog has PageRank 3/10.

We offer two options for purchasable options. We have our normal banner purchase, which will show your banner 24x7 for one full month on both our header and footer, or we can show your banner for the full month, header and footer, at double priority. At double priority your banner will be twice as likely to be shown against the others, ensuring that your banner will get known the most.

I would like to point out that all advertising purchases are non-refundable. However, if we notice that your banner is lacking ad-views in comparison to the others, exceed downtime, or any other means that your banner is not getting showed as it should be, you may be refunded partial price, or full, or given additional ad space at the sole description of CbtTechs.

For the fastest means of our customers' we have setup a few buy nows, if you don't have any further questions and want to start advertising with us!

Here is the buy-now URL for the normal $15 per month for header and footer. With a maximum of 10 banners in rotation.

Here is the buy-now URL for the $20 per month for double priority for the header and footer. With a maximum of 10 banners in rotation.

When purchasing either, please purchase first, then email me (details are at the bottom of my post), with your banner URL, URL when clicked, and your login and password if you want to use our software.

If you have any questions before you purchase please let me know so I can assist you to make you have the best with us! You can PM me here, or you can email me at [email protected] Techs.com (remove the space). If you require additional contact methods, please contact me those two ways so we can contact further!

Are you worried that since there are so many banners in rotation, your banner won't be shown? Not a problem, we serve over 100,000 adviews each month!

Tyler Cole