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    1&1 Managed Server?

    I posted this at SitePoint but thought this would probably be a better place to talk hosting. I'm just looking for some user experiences or recommendations. I've heard both good and bad things about it so far though.

    Also, which of the three would be best for a community site based around flash games? I'm thinking of going for the $99.

    I'm open to other options though if they are around the same range of price. Thanks in advance.

    (others ive looked at: )
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    First the link does not actually work.

    Second, have you tried searching around WHT for feedback regarding 1and1?
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    Sorry, it was working before, fixed now.

    Yeah I searched but I only found a couple older replies, and thought I'd get some recomendation on the other hosts as well.

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    They do not let allow to change any settings (any variables) in system. Well, that's what the german company ( does. And you have a 12 month contract, there's no possibility of upgrading your server.

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