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    [Seeking] Basic OSCommerce script required

    First thing to say is I need this script tonight (i.e. in the next 4 - 5 hours) - that aside its actually a very simple script I need but I am getting no where with my PHP skills! Money is waiting now so tell me your price and get me the script ASAP! Am not worried about it conforming to OSC formatting etc but if it did it would be useful I guess.

    Basically what I need is something to do this:

    select chosen fields from orders table;
    while not end of file
    if orderstatus=processing
    display chosen fields for that record
    end if
    end while

    I basically need the script to display a customers card numbers and details etc to allow manual offline processing of the card - crucially as this is customers card details you will not be allowed access to the server so this is something you will need to able to code from experience of PHP or OSCommerce. I can change the actual fields etc if necessary but I cannot give anyone access to the box for security reasons.



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    Have you taken a look at the contribs? I though there was something out there that would dump the info you need into an excel spreadsheet.

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