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    hello everyone,

    i am about tobuy Frontpage and before i do i want to know if it supports PHP editing?

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    If you want wysiwyg why not just use dreamweaver?
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    im sure you can do php editing in notepad, and i think frontpage does allow you to edit php, so tell me one thing why choose frontpage?

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    Last time I used Frontpage, php support was pretty bad. By default it was text view with no color coding.. That may have changed in Frontpage 2003?

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    Dreamweaver supports PHP editing and probably one of the best programs to use it in. I recommend it to you if you know how to use Dreamweaver. However, in general, I would say why not notepad or wordpad?
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    Also, if you want to source like notepad to do php, i recommend html-kit from chami for windows, it has good syntax highliting.
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    Dreamweaver is much better than frontpage in PHP editing

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