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    Need some help on apache permissions

    I am kind of new to the apache , so I don't have any idea even if this can be done.
    Let me briefly explain what I want to achieve:

    I have a centOS 3.5 server with apache 1.3, and cPanel/WHM installed.
    There is a sub-directory in each users directory:
    contains autoresponder messages.

    and there is another directory:
    which contains mail-forwarding, autorespond information for each account.

    I wrote some PHP scripts that modifies, creates those files, and creates autoresponder messages, and forward aliases for e-mail accounts.

    However, my scripts cannot access those folders/files unless they're chmod'ed to 777. But I am sure there is a reason that those folders are NOT set to 777 by default. (security? )

    Basicly, what I need is to be able to run my scripts (lets say: /home/mainuser/www/dothis.php) in any folder of the server. Maybe give the mainuser some kind of super-user privilages that can read and write any kind of folder.

    Any help greatly appreciated...
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    Well, if you have cPanel/WHM - for new users, there's an cpanel3-skel/ folder in /root. You can stick an .autorespond file in there, and it'd copy that file into a new user's folders.

    It's kind of a security risk if you let your script run as root.

    Or, you can do the above, but have .autorespond file empty, but chmoded to 777 - and have your script access it normally.

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    Thanks kijit,
    One question:
    If I change/delete/update the files in cpanel3-skel folder, will cPanel update the user's directory as well?
    Or the cpanel3-skel folder is used only when a new account created?
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    It's only used when a new account is created.

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