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    Question about hosting money in free hosting by posting forums


    I'm building a new forum and would like the input from your guys that have ever used or have a forum that provides free hosting for posting....

    If you currently have a free host by post forum.... Is it actually providing new FREE customers to your company? I asked new customers not any money.....

    If on the contrary you don't have a forum but if you have ever used this system or better yet have you ever heard about such thing and if so ..... Does free hosting by posting on a forum really attracts you?

    I would like to know ins and outs ..... BTW I'm already registered at FREEWHT the sister company but I wanted to have the impressions here as I know I would get more input on this.

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    I used to do this with my old site, Hypreed (; it's down now).

    It's got great appeal, but I've found that the people who come for free hosting don't stay to post. They post the bare minimum in pointless or meaningless posts, and don't do much good towards your company.

    Many of the free hosted clients are usually abusers or simply cannot pay for your services. The abusers upload lots of illegal content on to your server, and post the links on high-traffic file-swapping sites - bogging down your server performance and bandwidth.

    But, yes - It does generate alot of traffic and new *free* customers to your business. Only downside - is that much of these customers aren't the ones you really want to deal with.

    On the upside of free hosting through posting - Some of my free hosters actually did upgrade to paid services eventually.

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    Thanks for this wise comment anyone else had the same or different experience?
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