I have nice and clean hosting/business templates available, both are unique and come with full/exclusive rights, .psd and are also coded.

Template 1 - 15
Main page - http://www.peranorm.com/forsale/template/index.html
Sub-page - http://www.peranorm.com/forsale/template/sub.html
-Set width, expands vertically to content

Template 2 - 25
Main page - http://www.peranorm.com/forsale/new/index.htm
Sub-page - http://www.peranorm.com/forsale/new/sub.htm
-Expands vertically to content, set width.

Template 3 - 10
Main page - http://www.peranorm.com/forsale/blue/index.htm
- includes Freehand files for 3 images in package boxes.
- expands to browser width and to work with content

Payment by Paypal.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.