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    domain name reseller, which one?

    Hi everybody,

    i've been reading this forum for a long time but now i decided it's time to register and start participating actively.
    I've started a webhosting company over a month ago, based on a reseller account.
    Business is steady, i've got over 20 customers now and i'm also beginning to see some demand for domain name registration.

    I already have a reseller account with, enom reseller with $6.99 domains. However I find the interface quite difficult to use and i was wondering if there is a cheaper or better place to go to...
    Also namecarve deducts the PayPal fees from your account balance so a domain name comes to about $7.50 if you include these costs in your price.



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    We use Tucows and have found them to be very good. For example, a couple months ago I called them and asked for a lower price (it never hurts to ask) and they immediately said yes!

    I was impressed by that. This Tuesday I have a conference all with them to discuss some things. They have been very responsive to questions and always willing to help. Personally, I would recommend them. Not sure if they are the cheapest or not but to me good service is just as important as price. There prices are good, though.
    Try the StreamSend Email Marketing Service. StreamSend is a permission-based email marketing service that offers both a private label reseller program and an affiliate program.

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    I will like to recommend, We have account from past 3 years, they have have fantastic API and prices.

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    We recommend Directi. Their reseller pricing for domain names as low as $6.49.

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    I can't say I am 100% sure but namecrave's interface looks a lot like DirectI. Are you sure it's an enom reseller?

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    Hi, hollandhost

    "jpetrov" is right it looks alot like DirectI interface ..

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    nameCrave uses Directi's interface. They are a directi reseller or sub-reseller(you can check it from

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