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    Post 5 Profitable Gambling Portal Websites For Sale

    Totally turnkey solution. This is the easiest and best way to profit from online gambling. We currently have these five websites for sale:

    $600 -
    $400 -
    $400 -
    $300 -
    $200 -

    Visit to order

    All websites are search engine optimized, and come completely setup (including all affiliate links in your name)

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    Profitable means profitable.
    How much are the sites making?

    We turn your problems in CASH.

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    The sites profit about $150-200 for every 1000 real visits. We don't provide the visitors though.. you have to figure out that part

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    Originally posted by cashmirrors
    The sites profit about $150-200 for every 1000 real visits. We don't provide the visitors though.. you have to figure out that part
    Do you have proof of this?

    What exactly is it you are selling?
    Is it a gambling review/rating site?

    The price is very high for a turnkey site that has competition with the exact same content.

    What is the current revenue from the sites?
    I saw the forum has posts so have they been up a while?
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    Hi. We are selling gambling websites which you can use to promote online casinos, sportsbooks, bingo houses, and poker rooms.

    $150-200 profit per 1000 visits to a site like this is actually a pretty low result. If you look at the results of any gambling-related search on a pay-per-click search engine (such as, you will see bids from similar sites for upwards of $5. These sites need to earn at least 500 per thousand visits to remain profitable; which is attainable if you get the right visitors.

    It is a review/rating site, or 'Portal' as they are more popularly called. Top gambling service will pay up to $150 for each player you send them, and the websites we are selling review and link to nearly every one of these services. There is no other way to get this type of a website so easily.

    The price is high, but this set up takes us a lot more work than your average turnkey site. We set up every one of your affiliate programs and links which would take you many hours to do. We have also set you up with a domain, custom layout, and had the search engines find your site; countless hours of work.

    There is a much cheaper way to do this, if you visit and click 'Build a Portal'. With this option you do all of the things I mentioned in the last paragraph, rather than us doing it for you.

    Hope that helped. If you want any specifics about these particular websites you can contact us at [email protected]


    ps. and are no longer available.

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