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    'WhosOn' page in anything else?

    Does anyone else offer a "WhosOn" page besides LiveStats?

    I'm in the market for upgrading and find it hard to swallow the new pricing scheme that they are charging now.

    I don't recall exact what we paid for 5.x, but it's gone up tremendously. I believe another company owns them as well.

    Anyway, before spending money, I thought I would look around.

    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

    Paul L.

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    All you want to do is display who is browsing your website?
    If thats the case, use PHP sessions.

    Then you can just count the number of session IDs and display the number, even their usernames, if their usernames are stored in the sessions. If you need help with this, just say so, or PM me.
    Neil McGeehan
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