I started a free service recently that helps get more visitors coming to your site (or several websites). It's call Traffic Squirrels.

Website: www.traffic.quate.net
Register: www.traffic.quate.net/register.php

What is Traffic Squirrels?
Traffic Squirrels is a Quate project ( www.quate.net ). It is a free service that helps bring more people to visit your site.

How effective is it?
The service is a little slow. However, your website will start to get more search engine bots crawling around your site. Which will also help get more people to come to your site.

There is nothing to loose if you register and submit your site. It may not help you very much now, but it will in the long run. These are real visitors coming to your site, not "fake visitors."

How does it work?
It's basically a "partner exchange." Once you register, submitted your site, and your site has been verified by a human being (to make sure it doesn't have anything inappropriate), you will need to put a text link or affilate image, that links back to the Traffic Squirrels website (Special links and affilate images are provided).

It will then be displayed on the website, with your affilate image.

What you need:
* To register an account (free of course).
* A website to submit.
* A 88 by 31 affilate image. You may want to host your image at an image host, so it doesn't hurt your bandwidth (because the image will be "hotlinked"). You can try a service like ImgNow.

Once again, the links
Website: www.traffic.quate.net
Register: www.traffic.quate.net/register.php

If you have any questions or comments, you may post here, or ask questions here: