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    Avoid bigbluehost. They have lousy support and appear to be a ripoff of bluehost. I signed up earlier tonight and there site is already suspended (Kinda wierd considering I signed up just hours before, makes me wonder how often this happens.) I am sure I canfind plenty of other flaws. (Like FTP can't do anything useful, even when signed in via the main account) They are still down even as I write this post.



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    Hi Louis,

    Thanks for your warning/critique of bigbluehost, but can you still access your hosting account? Where'd you find them?

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    I can still access my account. but I think it's kinda wierd that they act as prfessionals yet there account has been suspended for hours. I am a casual webpublisher and I have only had my site suspended once (Had it back up within two hours) And I believe I found it on google.

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    It appears that they own their own server and are not resellers.

    They're probably just suffering DoS attacks on their main site, and suspended it to prevent any further damage.

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    Hmmm, not a good sign to goto your own web hosts site and see "SUSPENDED." That wouldn't make me to happy. Maybe start looking for a more stable host?
    Neil McGeehan
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    I am from bigbluehost wanted to clear the air about this post. We have been a long time reader of wht and always wanted a mention here but not this way.
    Yes we do have our own servers and yes bad things sometimes happen.
    We have been in business for a few years now and growing faster than we could have hoped for, and in the process things do happen which we have to react to in real-time. In the years online our main site was rarely down.

    We had an issue with the corporate site and resolved it as quick as possible. I have contacted Louis to provide feedback about his experience but I see he has gone off to another host called ICYBLUEHOSTING. He must like hosts with the word “blue” in the name!
    As he mentions all our customers accounts were up which was our main priority. I’m not going to say things don’t happen, they do, but our customers come first to us even over our own site. We also have a dedicated support domain at bigbluesupport (cant post outside links yet) that was up to answer any questions. We get great feedback from customers, I just wanted to drop a line and say we are here, we are listening and we continue to provide some great quality hosting.

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    i was looking at bigbluehost...probably would have signed up with them tomorrow if i hadnt read this post. Now im not sure. Ive googled bluehost and bigblue host for a couple hours and havent had much luck getting some good reviews.

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    Sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience, I would advise making a backup of your data and move to a better reliable host.

    Best of luck

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    bigbluehost have some great reviews on different hosting directories..

    Very few hosts will show you their transparency. We have a status page of all our servers and a dedicated support site at
    We understand that outstanding support and uptime is what makes us different from other new hosts.
    If you can point out the bad reviews I can see if I can address their issues here. Again we are listening and here to help.

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    Hy Folks,

    I'm from Austria in Europe and I'm hosting my Site with .
    As there are a few negative and positive posts, I would like to share my experience with you!
    I guess I signed up about 3-4 weeks ago!

    Good things:
    One of the best offers I found on the internet
    I pay about 10times more for a webhoster in austria
    5 addon domains

    Bad things:
    Not real good e-mail support
    Half of the staff isn't really knowleadged! (hope that's spelled right)

    I used to have a site at which used to be aussum,
    but I actually swapped the webhoster because of the great offer bluehost offers.
    Because of my bad english I like to write emails, but bluehost usually takes up to 24 hours to awnser e-mail (approximatly about 3 hours).
    On Hostrocket it max. 20min. which is the best support I've ever seen.
    But as I can call them, it's fine for me. Bad that it's not 24/7 (time difference)
    Another point I noticed is that my site has been down at least a couple of times since i signed up, didn't happen with hostrocket!

    Resumes: I'm still happy that i switched to hostrocket, as there offer is brilliant and they extend your account if they expand their offer.
    At Hostrocket you will have to sign up to the new package again.
    If you have any questions let me know

    ps.: sorry for my english, (at least I'm trying :-) )

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    hi mariokrupik sorry to hear that about bluehost I hope people dont confuse us. We hare We are always looking to reduce the response time yes around 30 minutes is great! We also have an 800 number for customers to call.

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