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    Arrow 6 Templates for sale - UNIQUE

    Hello everyone, just posting some of my work for sale. These templates will only be sold once. ($85.00 USD) [CODED]($90.00 USD) ($80.00 USD) ($90.00 USD) ($70.00 USD) [CODED]($100.00 USD)

    What you get:
    - PSD
    - FONTS
    - HTML (if requested, or if not already coded)
    - CSS (if requested, or if not already coded)

    Customizations can be negotiated, feel free to contact me. If the design is not yet coded, then I will charge $10-$15 based on complexity of the design.

    All Payments must be made through Paypal.

    I do accept negotiation concerning prices, but don't waste my time, and I wont waste yours.



    AIM: SandroBird
    MSN: [email protected]
    EMAIL: [email protected]

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    Re: 6 Templates for sale - UNIQUE

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by SandroBird [CODED]($100.00 USD)

    Coded for VB PHPBB???

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    If you do the coding:

    1) Do you do them for a skin if requested?
    2) Do you do valid XHTML 1.0 or 1.1 and valid CSS?


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    Bushman: The Template is currently coded in HTML format. If you would like for me to skin this template for a forum, then I can do that for you. Just email me, with your needs, and I will get back to you.

    Death Reaper: 1) I can also code this for a skin, however you didn't tell me what type of skin. Most likley for a forum?
    2) Yes I can provide this service.

    For Both: Just email me with exactly what you need, and we can work it out. I like to make sure all my customers are happy

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