We though through what we thought would be very useful to small businesses, and came up with packages that combine our Web hosting with our opt in email marketing services.

In terms of sales our StreamSend Email Marketing sells extremely as a standalone service. In addition, we have a hosting reseller solution called Backend Hosting that also sells well.

So we thought if we combine Streamsend (which businesses that use it soon find to be a crucial marketing tool) with our hosting services, we would have a bundled package that would be very attractive. We priced it very aggressively too.

It is selling somewhat and many of our current hosting customers are switching over from our old plans to this new plan. So we know these are good plans. However, this bundled service is not selling as well as we hoped. I was wondering if people could look at these bundled web hosting packages and let me know your opinion on what we could do to improve sales of these packages. These are outstanding packages so we cannot figure out why they are not selling like hot cakes!