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    Need someone dependable.. are you out there?

    I have had the worst luck with designers/programmers lately - not sure what the deal is. I just can't seem to find someone reliable to actually do the job and roughly in the time frame they have given..

    Enough of all that!

    I purchased this forum and it was running off of phpbb. I had someone do a skin/style for it and he did a great job of creating it. NOW - he was suppose to install it and backup and restore the database to my server along with a few other things but I could never get ahold of him. I found out that my db was too large for a restore and found a program to help disect it and restore it for me.

    I have now purchased vbulletin and have the database and everything converted over. My issue is getting my style/skin converted. I like the work he did and would like to be able to use it but I need somone that can put this work to a vbulletin frame.

    The phpbb skin is here..

    of course I need it to fit here..

    anyone interested or know of someone that can do it?


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    I'm sorry to hear about how undependable this person was.

    I have sent you a PM with the details and my contact information.

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