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    Help recover files from hd.

    Ok i had a computer with a 40gb hd, i bought a 250gb maxtor hd, and added it, and it was another drive, called J:

    Now the power went out, and the system wont work, so i moved the hds to another computer, tryed booting, and windows keeps rebooting and if i try hp's system recovery it dont work, ok, now im going to try knoppix, to see if i can get the data off the 250gb hd, is this possible? Because all my files was on the 250gb hd, not the 40gb which had the main os on.

    Please help

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    What's exactly wrong with your harddrive? Are you being restricted from your files?

    Can you see the harddrive under My Computer?

    You might need to set the jumper things to Slave instead of master.

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    what kind of error message are you getting? blue screen? it would help a lot.

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