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    Registerfly and paypal

    I'm trying to pay for a renewal at registerfly using paypal but I can't seem to find the link. Everytime I click the relevant link, it does not show paypal but the other payment types instead. There's another link (Add Funds with Paypal) and it takes me to the account control panel instead.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

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    I believe that you have to add the funds to your account before you try and renew the domain name.

    I very rarely use RegFly, so maybe someone else will chime in here with an authoritative answer.
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    I've noticed this as well.

    It appears that they've stopped accepting paypal as their main page used to sport a "PayPal accepted" logo, whereas it's removed now.

    I'm guessing that the links to add funds with paypall will soon be removed.

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    I got a pm from Regfly saying that they're upgrading their alternative payments section and that if you want to use paypal, send a support request with your paypal email and the amount you want to add to your account.

    BTW, when I used paypal on registerfly before I didn't have to credit my account before paying for a service. I could pay it at the checkout through the paypal link.

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    thanks there for the updates jag121
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    paypal payment is not accesible for 2 weeks now -
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    STILL can not use paypal at registerfly

    what the ......
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    PM "RegFly" and see if he can help
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    If you click the paypal link within registerfly's control panel, it will tell you to raise a ticket with support about paying with paypal and stating your desired amount.

    Hopefully they'll get the proper form back up soon.

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