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    Hostgator cannot register online ?

    I tried to register with them THREE times, and no confirmation email yet. Is that because i used a coupon or because i'm from Vietnam ?

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    You may want to talk to someone in their live help department. They will be able to help you with this issue. Hostgator is wonderful at customer service and will definitely have an answer for you.

    Also, how long have you waited for the confirmation email?

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    Why come here and post? Why not call their support line or send them an email?

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    i called their live support but they said there's no record in their database match mine. It's been 2 days since my first try. Don't know what happen to my credit card info

    They show this page to me, but I don't receive and email, and can't login also.

    Order Wizard

    Order Results

    Your order has been received by our billing system and has been approved. You will be receiving a welcome email shortly confirming our receipt of your order. If you fail to receive this email, please contact us. Thank you for your order.

    This order has been added to your account.

    You may login to view or pay your invoice online., LLC
    9964 Robins Nest Rd
    Boca Raton, Fl 33496

    I chose hostgator because of its good rep here, but now i have to look elsewhere. Some where with not much space and bandwidth needed, but good and REAL uptime % with PHP and MySQL at the same price (10 bucks p/m).

    To TWWeb: I post here because I want to know if this is a personal or common problem. If everyone suffers the same problem as mine, it's not bad to inform hostgator about this huh?

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    I understand. I did not know you went through the entire process.

    I am sure they will help you out. There may have been a problem with their billing system.

    Good luck!

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    Any recommendations to me ? ( Is it ironic I can't find a web host now...

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    Go to their web site, click on live help and ask them to guide you in the order process. After you make the order ask the representative to check if the order went through.

    That should solve the problem.
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    Maybe the email was sent to your spam box or junkmail?

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    No mail received and no record found when i enquiry hg live chat. Although hg rep attracted me, this problem cooled me down a lot

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    Hi, thiduongnguyen

    Dont keep tring to process you card again and again. For all you know you might have gotten charged the first time. Call your credit card bank and see if their was any tranaction at that time that you got the email. If you do, then you know that your order went thru and if not then you know something is wrong when you try to place an order.

    Good Luck

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    If you do not get an error during the sign up process, I am guessing your credit card is being charged and since you signed up three times it might have been charged three times already.

    As productive mentioned, I would place a call to your bank and see if the charge was processed or not. If it was, tell HG that they have charged you but have not processed your order.

    If you have not been charged on your credit card, your order might not be going through properly.

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    What is your ticket number with us?

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