We have a rapidly growing business which has resulted in a critical need for developers who are looking for long-term stable work.

Developers, if you meed the following requirements, we want you:

1. Absolutely must be able to demonstrate a high level of commitment and exceptional communication - available on IM (ICQ,MSN,AIM,Yahoo) daily.

2. Able to handle very differing tasks at the same time. We do work with domains, in marketing, with search engines, and run a network of very active sites so it helps if you are a fast learner.

3. We will consider candidates based on a variety of skill sets related to LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL and PHP). Javascript, CSS, XHTML and overall server management skills are also desired.

4. Able to work with LEGACY code developed by a different developer.

5. Detail-oriented - no exceptions.

> Daily updates on progress. Email or IM is fine

> In the event a personal emergency arises, programmers are responsible for communicating any scheduling modifications/changes.

> Programmers will be asked to provide a delivery date for specific phases of the projects they undertake. We are willing to adjust those timeframes when we see significant progress is being made to address any technical issues that impede the delivery.

What is not acceptable:
> Disappearing for days at a time without communication. If three business days elapse without communication, we reserve the right to withdraw the project assigned to you.

> Committing to a project for which you do not have the skill set or resources to accomplish - this frustrates you and us. While we would much rather work with the same programmer and permit some learning to occur while working, we cannot wait indefinitely for technical issues to be resolved.

We offer long-term project commitment with monthly evaluation for salary increases/bonuses. Starting compensation will be at least $1200/month for talented developers with substantial revenue sharing possibilities as well.

The level of detail included in this description is designed to accurately reflect our commitment to a long-term working relationship.

Your dream job should be to sit infront of the computer 8 hours per day and write code. You must have 3+ years of experience.

Must have physical address, reliable broadband internet connection, phone number, as well as banking/Paypal information (or any easy method so that you can be paid).

Please PM or reply with a CV/Resume or a description of some of your latest projects and why you think you would be a good fit for us.

The first two weeks will be a probationary period. I want to make sure we can work well together, you have good productivity, and that you have the skills you say you have. After that it is understood that the contract will last for at least 3 months AS LONG AS YOU CONTINUE TO MEET YOUR COMMITMENT and YOUR QUALITY/PRODUCTIVITY DOES NOT DECLINE.