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    [WANTED] A simple hosting type design

    Right you artistic types

    My sad looking hosting site (go on I know you want to say it sucks, and it does , I am not artistic in any way!) is in dire need of some sort of whirlwind make over.

    All I want is a pleasent (is that spelt right?) front page with a sub page that I can put whatever I want on when needed.

    So what I am saying is, you do the template/graphics and I do the content etc.

    So fire me some quotes to: icandothat [at] justahost [dot] net for:

    - A nice front page with graphics / images
    - A subpage in the same flavour as the main one that I can use a few times as different pages

    It doesn't need to be the latest flash based thing (no flash if I am honest!), simple but nice on the eye.

    Only payment methods are:
    - Paypal
    - Nochex (UK only)
    - Mix of the above with some hosting

    Please note that I am not loaded and am also a skinflint when it comes to money (hey, may as well be honest from the outset!) but hopefully for a simple site that I am after it shouldn't be that tough on you graphic gurus anyway (unlike me and my crayons!)

    Cheers - enjoy the rest of the weekend, look forward to a few quotes (hopefully I haven't put you off!!)!


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    I am interested in designing a site for your host.


    Please contact me if you need to see more of my work.

    AIM: karl472001
    Email: admin [at]


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    if you are intersted in this design at very low price

    you can pm me

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    Hello rchosts,
    I currently have this up for sale:

    It is a template I purchased, yet never ended up using. I'm open to reasonable offers on it. The logo, is also included, along side one subage and the PSD files.


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    Thanks to everyone who replied via PM, here & email - I will leave this open until tomorrow night and then hopefully I can pick someone

    Thanks to you all again for your time!


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    Thank you to all that answered - I think I have selected the one and will be contacting them shortly.

    Again, thank you all for your time, emails, PM and IM
    Must admit some of you guys are cracking at graphic work!!


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