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    Completely Brandable Graphics Editor

    Company Paint is a new product from RSN. The program is essentially a fully featured graphics editor. Whilst its certainly not on par with Adobe Photoshop or Corels Paint shop pro - the program does have one unique feature - its completely brandable.

    We can recreate the program with your logo and company name - complete transparency from our company - it would appear as if you created the program in house.

    The program is designed to help with marketing and brand awareness - a good plan would be to offer it to your customers free of charge to secure loyalty and increase your brand awareness or as a bonus in somesort of business package.

    The Program comes in two versions

    Standard: - $25
    The program comes zipped in a folder. The folder contains two files - the executable and the palette of colours. It does not come will components that will be needed for it to run on older operating systems (Win 95 - 98 and ME)

    Professional: - $35
    The program comes both as a zipped folder and as a setup package which will be created using the industry leading Installshield software.

    The following are links to a screenshot, the demo of the standard version and the demo of the professional version. (standard version) (professional version)

    If you wish to order, please send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

    • Your company name

    • Your company logo (no bigger than 110x110 and static)

    • The text you wish to display (URL, email etc..)

    • Your chosen version (standard or professional)

    • Your Paypal email address (so we can send an invoice)

    Thank you for your business

    - Ricky Simpson
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    Order over the weekend and get $10 off the standard price of both versions!

    - Ricky

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    - What's the difference between the standard and pro versions?

    - Will it edit psd files?

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    The standard version is just simply a zip folder containing the program and the two files (exe and the colour palette).

    The professional version is an setup package for the program created with installshield.

    And unfortunately it cant edit PSD files.

    You are welcome to try out the demos provided.


    - Ricky

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