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    UK Hosting Clients Windows & Linux wanted


    Do you run a hosting business in the UK? Do you want a good home for those clients? (Windows 2003 and Linux)

    Are you a reseller or web designer who would prefer to concentrate on design and web site development and leave the support issues to others?

    If so them please contact me with the details so I can consider purchasing clients or we can formulate a co-operation agreement for mutual benefit.

    Serious offers only please from 5 to 200 clients. I offer clients Live chat and ticket support system

    Jonathan Hamon

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    i have around 15 clients using cpanel. all but 1 pays 20 a year, the other pays 35.00

    I offer them 65MB space and 1 GB bandwidth, but these dont get even closely met.

    some of the accounts have been with me almost 2 years now..


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