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    Angry Anyone with VPS on BSD

    I signed with a week or so back and it has been painfull from the start, support is non existant. e-mails to their support never get answered, my site has now been down for two days without any response from startlogic and to boot they have restored the server over my site without warning !

    Well enough complaints, does anyone know of a good VPS provider that can offer FreeBSD or Linux based solutions :

    +- 100GB Transfer
    +- 5GB Disk Space
    No CPU constraint ( dont charge me if I get busy, capping CPU is fine)
    root + ability to install own versions of apache/php/mysql

    I am looking to pay +- $15 per month.


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    I am looking to pay +- $15 per month
    I don't think this industry is so satured that a provider would have to charge such a low price for 100GB bandwidth.

    You need to be paying a minimum of 25.00$ to get a proper VPS server.

  3. Go talk to Rus about this:

    64 Mb Ram
    10GB Disk (excluding OS)
    100Gb Transfer
    1 Fixed IP
    Choice of FreeBSD, CentOS, Gentoo, Fedora,RedHat, Debian
    UML Based

    $15/mo US based or 8.50 UK based

    C-Panel/DirectAdmin are not supported on this product

    Good luck.
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