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    Host Search

    I'm like most of you guys, because I'm always searching for a better host. I just ended my account with hosting-pp, FINALLY, so now I'm looking for the best shared hosting solution I can find. Maybe you guys can help with a bit of specifications.

    Minimum Req.:

    Price: Maximum $71.00
    Space: 2GB
    Bandwidth: 25GB
    Subdomains: 10
    Email Accts: 10
    SQL DBs: 5
    Uptime Guarantee: 99%
    Datacenter in US (preferrably ATLANTA)
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    with a budget like that you should be able to find plenty of hosts that can meet your needs. When you say no resellers , do you mean someone that has a reseller account , or someone that has a dedicated server at a datacenter? For atlanta you might try some GNAX Resellers
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    What is GNAX?

    I've been looking at one of their resellers, ACENET, inc. ( I looked into their reviews and the downtime is said to be pretty bad and there are more complaints than reccomendations. The only thing is I can ping their server at 25ms at any time and thats freakin awesome.

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    $71.00 per month or $71.00 ($5.92 per month) per year I assume?

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    I suppose you mean $71 per YEAR?
    Well, in that case it may be a little bit hard to find hosting with those spec, and with decent service too.
    Sure, by pre-paying for a whole year you can bring down the cost
    - but maybe you don't want to risk that with a new host?
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