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    Need help with FLASH plz

    Hey guys / girls!
    I need some help with a fla file from a template that I cannot figure out! I've looked EVERYWHERE on the buttons scripts for a "url" so i can add the buttons a page to go to when clicked! AND I CANNOT FIND IT!

    If i were to post the fla on here could someone help me please? Thnx in advance

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    Well I wouldn't post it on here if it is a template that you don't have a licence to share.

    Where did you get the template, some have a text file where you can update urls

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    Can u rephrase that pleasE??

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    Well, the easiest way is to google for "flash button tutorial" or something.

    You'll need to click on your button, then open the Action panel and add this code to it:

    on (release){
    getURL ("",_blank)

    I hope that helps

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    For more Flash help really helped me get the run-around with Flash. The forums are also very helpful.

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