My family and I are going to Germany/Denmark next week. We're going to Copenhagen(actually Lerchenborg) first, to a wedding, then we're renting a car, driving probably towards Berlin, stay there a few nights, then driving back to Hamburg and staying there a few nights.

What I need to know is hotels. Relatively inexpensive hotels. Preferabbly under 200 Euro a night for 4(3 adults, 1 child of 15 years old) people, in Hamburg and Germany. Must be rather comfortable and near sights.

I've been searching myself, but all I've really found are hostels with bunk beds, and apparently the bathrooms don't have toilets. Seems like hotels are an expensive commodity, average price for a decent hotel, from what I see, is like $150 per person.

If you have any recommendations for a hotel in Berlin or Hamburg, it would be much appreciated, and I'd like to hear some personnal reviews if you have any!