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    Hey just bought a dedi

    Hey, I just bought a dedi, i don't really know much about setting it up, but i know a little, anyone give help, then just contact me.
    Anyway back to the point, I recieved this email:


    The Resolvers IP's are:

    h t t p s:// I use that ip to login to WHM and cPanel, now, i'm setting up nameservers, i was wondering if the ip is the one i set my A record to?

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    I'm not one of the pros here, so I don't want to offer you any bad advice. But do a search here in the Tech & Security tutorials section. Theres plenty of how-tos that are very useful for first timers.

    Always a good idea to do some research before asking for help.

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    1,125 goes in your /etc/resolv.conf file. It is for resolving DNS.

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    ok, do i use SSH to access that file?

    [Edit] Nevermind found out, thanks

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    Take a look at the Dedicated Servers Guides section

    Spend some time reading through the new setups, install firewall firstly APF
    is a good one and there is info on WHT

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    you might consider using an outsourced management company to help you out here , a couple that I know of , but have no first hand exerience are fastservermanagement , and rack911
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    Check out eth0's guides, definately want to get a firewall up first, and disable root login to ssh (setup a user and then su once you're in).

    A fresh server is fresh meat! Get it secured first then monkey around with it. If you're new to linux, you probably will want to hire out for hardening.

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