Site :

Description: The site is a forum host. Users sign up and can customize their forum.

Traffic Source: Ranked #1 in for the term- Create Forum. Ranked for other related keywords in several search engines (e.g.... #15 for Create Forum in G*).

Traffic: 350,000+ PV/mon.
Only active forums! (all inactive forums deleted and purged from our system).

Rate: Start bidding at $45/mon (for two months). Increments of $1. Therefore, if the winning bid is $53... then the total comes out to $106.

Terms: PayPal subscription only. Nothing adult or gambling related, and not too flashy (subject to approval). Your ad will be up so long as the subscription is active. No refunds after your ad has been placed in any subscription time period. As always, let me know if you have any questions.