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    CamHog.Com for sale

    Hey guys,

    I've decided to stop development on my domain due to a career change which leaves me with absolutely no time, so here it is up for sale!

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    Expires: Fri 03/03/2006

    I originally intended to use is as a cam archiving site, which has huge revenue potential. But think of all the other posibilities? adult/fun/rating, anything really!

    Please PM offers!

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    do you have any thing developed for the site? or did you just have the idea?

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    i was around 3/4 way finished the code for the archive site, when i got the new job. Unfortunetly it got deleted when i did a system restore (don't ask me why i forgot to back the folder up - i kicked myself afterwards.

    So i thought i'd keep the domain and just chuck up a topsites list. It's not my own script, but i have slightly tweeked it. I was going to tweek it alot more, but time restrictions got the better of that.

    You can view what i had done at:
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