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    looking 4 dedicated server, who's in business

    Hi all, I was looking at the ad forum and there are too many offers to choose from, i also tried the search and have come up with the following dedicated server providers:

    1. Rackshack
    2. The Planet
    3. HostingPacket
    and some other i forget to mention

    anyways, i'm looking for a decent dedicated server with P4, 1GB RAM, Cpanel/WHM at < $150

    I am not sure which provider to go with, i don't really need a manage server though,

    could you guys recomemend a good provider for me



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    The planet has a really good network/BW however I dont really like their basic support.

    If I was to get a server i would go with one of these companies:

    2)Dedicated Now
    3)Hi Velocity
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    thanks for the recomendation, i really like the planet even though their price is abit high

    as i said i don't really need the support, will do some more research, i have heard of dedicated now but not GNAX and Velocity though

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    just so you are aware it is HiVelocity , if you were to search any of the other variation likely you would get not as many results. I do personally know Jeff @ GNAX they are an up and coming company , I have also heard good things about hostingpacket , but do not know them personally.
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